On the Road Again (and in the air, along the cove, and in the cities)

On the Road Again (and in the air, down along the cove, and through the cities)

It’s an exciting time at Antilles Plastic Project, Inc. as we take to packing our bags for another fact finding research trip to the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. On the agenda are some meetings with several mayors and public works departments in our area of focus, the Southwest region of Puerto Rico. We are also attending the Festival del Frio de Adjuntas (which translates as the Adjuntas Festival of Cold – can you believe that?). This takes place in an interior municipality where temperatures can fall into the 40’s. APP, Inc. will have a table there.

We also look forward to meeting with some educators and presenting to classrooms, participating in clean ups, filming with a soon to be graduate of the Savannah College of Arts and Design, who is making her senior thesis as a film dedicated to the scourge of plastic pollution and meeting with Basura Cero.

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