Progress, in small steps

Revisiting Puerto Rico this past December, on a second sojourn with different eyes, our quest for a cleaner, greener, more prosperous island continues. With Antilles Plastic Project, Inc. continuing its initiative to gather data for the feasibility of establishing a prototype plastic to fuel facility on the island small steps were evident.

Much of the island and its citizens were still in disarray.  Health, education and infrastructure systems are not yet back to pre-Maria condition. One noticeable improvement was in their recycling program, where colored trash bins, with detailed instructions are provided for private and commercial use and picked up on a regular basis. Detailed instructions for handling the disposal of cardboard, plastic and glass, such as folding the cardboard, and cleaning out the bottles as well as removing the caps are distributed to the households. Knowing that the landfills are full and few in between, where is all this plastic waste being processed after pickup. Where does it go from here? Where do we go from here? Back to continue our study and gather more data on this major world crisis and offer a solution to an Island of the Antilles archipelago.