Seeking to Devise Solutions & Concher Plastic Waste

The scourge of plastic pollution shows up in our oceans and seas, on our beaches, in our rivers.  It is being found in the fish we eat, the beer we drink and even the water we purify to drink. The world produces over 400 Million Tonnes (Metric Tonnes equal to approximately 441 Million US Tons) a year currently. With estimates that this will double by 2050 and with current recycling rates of under 10%, the issue of plastic waste is of paramount concern to this generation.

Antilles Plastic Project sets out to reverse the tide. We are researching the extent of plastic pollution in the Caribbean region, the oceans, seas, and other waterways.  We seek to educate in a unique manner, through program presentations and community engagement to raise awareness and harness solutions. Our over use of disposable plastics, combined with improper disposal, is having a detrimental effect on marine and human life.


Our mission is to research a plastic to fuel conversion process as a possible solution to plastic pollution in the Antilles Archipelago.  In 2018 we began a feasibility study in Puerto Rico as a first step. We have followed this up through conversations and partnerships and a second research trip was made in early 2019. We have been met with great enthusiasm and are currently planning a third trip this fall.

Working with Renewlogy, based in Salt Lake City, we are seeking to fund the installation of a plastic to fuel conversion unit prototype in the southwest of Puerto Rico.

‚ÄčIslands face unique circumstances managing their solid waste within their special relationships to the oceans. Giving plastic waste value will create a cleaner environment, reduce landfill waste, and promote economic growth.