Meet Our Team

Ned Buddy – Executive Director


Ned’s love of nature stems from his early years  spending summers at the beaches in New England, traipsing through woods picking raspberries and hunting for bittersweet in the fall.

He spent 25+ years working in the New York area, London and currently Wilmington, NC as an IT professional. The more Ned traveled, the more he could see what populations were doing to our planet, something Ned has kept with him all these years.

His passion for developing solutions and concerns about the environment, led him to involvement with several local and international environmental organizations. From these roles he has focused on this plastic to fuel solution for the Caribbean islands.

Rafael Toro – Vice Chairman


Rafael, was born within the iconic National Park, Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which at that time still served as a US military base. Moving to New York City in 1964 at the time of the World’s Fair, brought him to see the future, plastic, at the DuPont exhibit.

He joined the United States Marine Corps and served 8 years in North Carolina, Okinawa, Japan, and California. Returning to civilian life he devoted his efforts to teaching within the special education field. 

His passion for the conservation of the planet and his vision for a solution to the plastic waste problem led him to volunteer his time with Antilles Plastic Project.

He strongly believes in the sustainability of this project through innovative approaches to recycling, reusing and re-purposing plastic into another useful product such as combustible fuel, holding plastic manufacturers responsible to limiting their production and educating the next generation to continue the effort of reducing the plastic pollution that plagues our planet today.

Fredrika Miller – Secretary, Treasurer


Fredrika was born and raised in Sweden.  She vividly remembers the pristine forests and waters of her childhood and the culture of the her country to reuse and recycle.  Moving to the United States before high school she brought with her the love she felt towards the outdoors.  She has worked in several technical positions and is currently at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. providing IT support to the Business School, the Computer Information and other departments.  She brings the team a wealth of experience and a trained eye.


Nicole DeVino – Marketing Director


Nicole, a US Army Veteran, has studied business administration and hospitality management.  She has held several management positions in the restaurant industry for 10+ years. Through her positions, she has helped plan and organize many successful fundraisers and events. She currently manages a popular restaurant in Wilmington, NC and enjoys educating her staff and guests about the problem of single use plastic.