Plastic 2 Fuel

Antilles Plastic Project is researching the viability of turning landfill bound plastic waste into fuel. 

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“Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience.”

  – Admiral Hyman Rickover


Renewlogy: From Plastic to Oil

Renewlogy, based in Salt Lake City, UT, solves the problem of plastic waste entering landfills and oceans by turning it into fuel. While reduce, reuse, recycle remain the best answers, it is obviously not working. It’s time to not only stop using plastics but to create a circular economy which gives plastics value.

APP and Renewlogy are working together to develop the solution to plastic marine pollution on islands. Roughly 80% of landfill bound plastics convert into a resource.

On a large scale, this process exudes no emissions, is self-sufficient and returns energy on a 1 to 50 ratio!



To learn more, visit Renewlogy’s website:

We have been pleased with these findings enough so that we want to take this technology to help solve one of the largest environmental issues of our time. This solution gives low value plastics a high enough value that it becomes a resource instead of detriment to the ocean, creating a much-needed circular economy that benefits people and the planet



A Renewlogy worker showed a sample of the company’s final product, called ‘ReFuel,’ a renewable fuel source processed from shredded plastics.






Judson Bledsoe, UNCW Undergraduate, at the controls producing fuel for research


See a recent Ted Talk by Renewlogy’s founder with more in depth information: